Today’s increasingly competitive banking market requires an efficient and secure coin management for serving both retailersand private customers. The high costs involved in managing coins demand optimized and secure solutions. Explore true management with our new solution CDS-9R. Get increased service and security for your customers through the world’s first complete coin handling solution for self-service areas

The CDS-9R is a completely new banking solution for coin deposit as well as coin dispense. Retailers and private customers in need of bulk coin deposits can easily make quick and secure deposits.At the same time CDS-9R is the perfect option for retailers in need of a daily float. The machine dispenses all denominations in any mix or split the user prefers.

FEATURES: Coin & bank-note recycling and depositing
Automatic Coin Cleaner
PCI Pin Pad & Card Reader
COIN CAPACITY: up to 33,000 coins (coin vault)
up to 14,000 coins (8 recycling hoppers)
DIMENSIONS: width: 800 mm
height: 1,410 mm
depth: 885 mm
SPEED: Deposit: 800 coins/min
Dispensing: 500 coins/min
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CDS-9R Datasheet