Cash Deposit Systems

Electrum D5

The D5 will count, verify and store in a sealed, single-use plastic bag inside the safe every deposited banknote. Any bag tampering will be evident.

Obolus D6

The high-speed range has been designed to adapt to the pace of big companies and provide greater performance and flexibility in all cash deposit transactions.

Obolus Coin D6 C

The D6c has the added value of accepting both notes and coins, in one unit, for maximising efficiency and speed. It is available in two safe capacities.



Bringing high speed and large capacity in one cash deposit unit. The all new redesigned D6 with improved performance, available with coin.



Bringing high speed note counting and large capacity in one compact cash deposit unit. The all new redesigned D5 with improved performance.



SafeDeposit DF4 is the ideal solution for medium cash volume retailers and businesses where security and process optimisation matter the most.


With enhanced capacity for high cash volumes, including escrow functionality. With superior bank note detection, Pitbull delivers accuracy and performance.


Fast , reliable and efficient cash processing for large deposits. Trusted technology that meets the demands of the African market, ensuring product availabity.


The CI-30 is a scalable banknote deposit automation device with advanced authentication and sorting features.Deposits are processed quickly, accurately and efficiently.


The Scan Coin CDS-9 is a premium product built around the best coin technology available on the market. The cash is securely stored in the coin vault, in a front or rear service format.

Coin Buddy

An entry level coin acceptor is designed for low to medium coin volumes. Available in a stand alone or side-car version. Coins are securely stored in two seperate coin bags.