The G-200 from GLORY enables your customers to do more for themselves, allowing you to optimise your teller resources and provide a new branch experience. Consisting of a banknote recycler, coin recycler, cheque processing module and other optional functions, G-200 is able to process a wide range of transactions that currently ATMs can’t deliver.

G-200 enables your customers to choose to carry out these transactions independently or with the assistance of in-branch staff, allowing you to optimise staff resources and costs. Integrated with your branch systems, G-200 is \ble to support all banking transactions your customers require.

CAPACITY: 8 roll storage modules (RSM): up to 600 notes per RSM
Collection cassette capacity: 2000 notes
Intelligent storage module (ISM) capacity: 500 notes
INPUT HOPPER: up to 300 notes
OUTLET HOPPER: 150 notes
DIMENSIONS: width: 850 mm
height: 1 400 mm
depth: 1 220 mm
SPEED: deposit 7 notes/second
dispense 6 notes per/second in single pass 
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G-200 Datasheet