Note Counters



Superior note detection capability with continuous and un-interupted note processing. Multi currency enabled - reliability guaranteed.


Our trusted counting technology minimises errors, reduces note jams and miscount rates that are often accompanied with increased speed.


With a throughput of up to 1,500 notes per minute, the EV8626 offers superb operational performance saving you valuable time and money.

EVO 6268 VC

The all new EVO 6268 desktop note counter provides advanced features one would expect from a top of the range note counter at an affordable price.


GPT's value bank note counter that provides cost effective and accurate counting of bank notes at the teller position and back office.


Our multi-Currency value bank note counter that is intended for counting international currencies, pre-installed with up to 20 currencies.

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GPT's low cost piece counter that delivers consistant and reliable performance note after note in an affordable 'entry' level bank note counter machine.