Handling cash can be a time consuming and costly internal dispute. It can also be a simple and efficient procedure with minimal human involvement, giving optimal accuracy. CDS-9 enables complete automation, switching your focus from cash management to value creating business.

CDS-9 is evolved out of the banking and public transport sector and manages the coin, note and tokens in a convenient, secure and efficient way. CDS-9 in combination with the XFS based and Multi Vendor Software, offers you a complete cash management solution. Stay online with full connectivity and increase the efficiency of your business

FEATURES: Sorting or non-sorting
Automatic Coin Cleaner
PCI Pin Pad & Card Reader
COIN CAPACITY: up to 33,000 coins (coin vault)
up to 25,000 coins (multi-bag system for 6 bag)
DIMENSIONS: width: 580 mm
height: 1,410 mm
depth: 720 mm
SPEED: 900 coins/min
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CDS-9 Datasheet