Corporate Responsibility

The desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in is at the heart of our values at GPT. Making an unselfish contribution to society, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, embracing diversity, and respecting others, underpin our aim to be a responsible corporate citizen.

For GPT, Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is about building an economy capable of ensuring a better life for all. Wealth creation, incorporation of previously disadvantaged persons into the mainstream economy, innovation and poverty alleviation are crucial for sustainable economic and social transformation in South African.

Our strategy is aligned to our Country’s National Development Plan and we are committed to empowering small Black Owned Businesses to become competitive players in the economy. Our aim is to increase supplier development within the context of the Code of Good Practice – BEE, and we subsequently aim to increase competitiveness, capacity and capability of the South African supply base through a meaningful SED, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development initiatives.

Conquest for Life

The company has successfully partnered with Conquest for Life for the 7 years and continues to support the education within previously disadvantaged communities. Conquest for Life aims to empower the youth through myriad of programs designed to produce a safe and structured environment in which the youth can realize their potential and have access to the life skills need to enrich their lives.

The purpose of the Youth Enrichment project (YEP) is to empower school aged children aged 5-16. Conquest for Life support youth in their learning at school and help to improve their performance. Conquest for Life’s also has projects that include the unemployed, out of school youth, youth in conflict with law, parents and people within the community who are interested in mentoring. Conquest for Life’s beneficiaries are 100% Black and is split fairly equally between genders.

Food and Trees

GPT recognizes the value of the environment and creating sustainable communities that are aware of the benefits of the environment. GPT has partnered with Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) over a 10 year period and we are committed to acknowledging this vital resource and improving life for the residents in South Africa.

GPT recognizes that our tree contribution will bring improved nutrition, shade and a green legacy for future generations. The fruit and indigenous trees are also an important intervention against human caused climate change as they will offset carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. In addition they will green up settlements, settle dust and create healthier people in a healthier environment. Some of South Africa’s poorest people will be hardest hit by climate change, as rural households tend to rely heavily on climate sensitive resources such as local water supplies, locally produced food and other natural resource.

GPT has planted in excess of 9000 trees in all five regions of South Africa to offset carbon emissions and to improve the environment. The company is committed to fighting climate change and improving the quality of life of people.