Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube System for Hospital
Sumetzberger pneumatic tube system is an integral part of every modern hospital worldwide, developing from what was once the simple transport of blood samples, blood bags or drugs from point A to point B, to state of the art computer controlled systems. These computer controlled pneumatic tube systems provide safe transfer points to both nursing/medical staff and to fully automated laboratory lines and pharmacies, ensuring each processing step is monitored and logged in real time.

Logistics Cash and valuables

Pneumatic tube systems from Sumetzberger offers maximum security in all publicly accessible areas where large amounts of cash or valuables accumulate. The pneumatic tube system ensures that there is only a small amount of cash in cash registers and that there is always enough change available. Companies benefit from secure customer areas, that are supplied with the necessary cash via pneumatic tube system. A central, secure money supply is thus ensured for the likes of shopping centres, casinos, bank branches and many more.