ICX ActiVE -9

This new design is developed through listening to our customers and adapting to match their needs. Through years of research, development, testing and industry trials, the ICX Active-9 is engineered to be the best at delivering what any coin sorter should - accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, the solution has a 10” LCD touchscreen display for quick operation where the user can easily change the set-up of denominations and keep track of the cash management data in order to develop their business further

The ICX Active-9 to fills a void where organisations were limited in choice. It is a competitive mid-range coin solution for customers who receive a reliable, robust machine, but also benefit from fantastic value on investment. The ICX Active-9 is the perfect solution for customers who manage medium volume of coins, but need the reliability and outstanding features of the ICP Active-9.

DIMENSIONS: width: 770 mm
height: 614 mm
depth: 547 mm
SPEED: up to 2,700 coins/min
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ICX_9 Datasheet