The RBG-200 series teller cash recycling solution is part of a range of best-in-class cash automation and management solutions from Glory. The RBG-200 range delivers real business benefits at multiple levels within the branch, presenting a comprehensive and integrated solution to effectively and efficiently address the requirements of the customer, the teller, the branch manager, and the bank executive team in daily banking service delivery.

The ability of the RBG-200 to scale to a financial institution’s evolving requirements is one of its most powerful strengths. Each branch is different and needs vary; even current requirements can change radically over time.

FEATURES: 8 or 10 roll storage modules (RSM)
up to 600 notes per RSM
built in fitness sorting
INPUT HOPPER: 300 notes
OUTLET HOPPER: 150 notes
DIMENSIONS: width: 420 mm
height: 688 mm
depth: 590 mm
SPEED: deposit 7 notes/second
dispense 6 notes per/second
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RBG200 Datasheet