Sachet Systems

SCAN COIN range of packaging solutions is based around the SC-Sachet 9100 machine. This unit offers user friendly controls enabling the operator to select any value of coin to be packaged in a variety of sizes in security sealed bags. The mechanics of the machine have been specifically designed for trouble-free control and easy maintenance. A modular design for easy component replacement along with a single primary drive motor ensures that costs are kept to a minimum. The SC-9100 unit is available as a crank operated totally mechanical machine (E version) or as a pneumatically (H2 version) actuated machine dependant upon the end users requirements.

Combined with the well proven SC-3003 coin counter sacheting speeds of up to eighty per minute are obtainable using a SC-9100H2 twin head machine. The SC-9100 machines benefit from the use of current state of the art inverter, servo and PLC cycle control as well as electronic digital sachet sealing temperature controllers to ensure that security sealed sachets of coin are produced. In addition, the SC-9100’s and the SC-3003’s have simple user friendly controls allowing the operator to easily select the combination of coin denomination, coin quantity and sachet length that is required.

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