UW-F series

CITs, financial institutions and retailers are under more pressure than ever to meet central bank standards for banknote quality control processes. They must ensure that correct and consistent levels of authentication and fitness sorting are achieved while keeping their operational costs down. The new UW-F series of banknote sorters is the latest generation of advanced banknote sorters from Glory, a world leader in cash processing solutions. The UW-F Series offers you maximum flexibility with true modularity - a choice of 4 configurations to suit virtually any banknote processing requirement, today and in the future. Providing exceptional levels of accuracy and security, the cost-effective UW-F Series delivers smoother, more efficient and continuous processing of large volumes of banknotes 

DIMENSIONS: UW-F4: 600mm × 455mm × 620mm
UW-F8: 890mm × 455mm × 620mm
UW-F12: 1180mm × 455mm × 620mm
UW-F16: 1470mm × 455mm × 620mm
COUNT SPEED: 1,000 notes per minute
WEIGHT: UW-F4: 65kg
UW-F8: 93kg
UW-F12: 121kg
UW-F16: 149kg
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Glory UW-F Series Data Sheet